Quality Systems

Innovative Quality Management

In continuous improvement of Product and Process quality


The QSM quality management solution provides strategic measurement of product and process quality, inclusive of the cost of poor quality (COPQ).


The QSM quality management solution provides visibility of emerging issues and quality constraints, enabling responsible management to make informed decisions about product and process quality.


The QSM quality management solution provides a focused approach for targeted improvement of product and process quality issues to provide the results that your stakeholders expect.

Innovative Quality Management

Strategically designed

  • Patient centric measurement
  • Visibility of issues and constraints

AI enabled data analytics

  • Intelligent decision making
  • Insights for management

Responsible Reporting

  • Product quality
  • Process quality
  • Cost of poor quality

Focused Review to identify

  • Emerging issues
  • ‘quality’ constraints

Responsible Management

  • Post-market surveillance of product quality
  • QMS surveillance, maintenance and improvement
  • Critical to ‘quality’ control (CtQ)
    • Product (CQA)
    • Production Process (CPP)
    • QMS Process outputs
  • Constraint improvement
  • Reduction of the cost of poor quality (COPQ)

Stakeholder Satisfaction

  1. Patients and Users require high-quality product
  2. Regulators expect risk management and control of product and process quality
  3. Executive Management require visibility to systemic results
  4. Managers need visibility to tactical and operational results
  5. Employees need appropriate performance feedback
  6. Business stakeholders demand ‘bottom line’ results

"It is our mission to support patient care by improving product and process quality within the medical device industry through the provision of the iQuality QSM quality management solution."

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